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New to the community

Hi I found this community and thought it was funny HEB had a community. I am a bookkeeper for #477 which is in Buda (just south of Austin). I have been working for HEB for 6 freaking years and Im only 24! I just thought I would work there for 6 months and 4 stores, 7 titles, and 6 years later I'm still here. I started out as a bagger. I then went to cashier, checker trainer, bookkeeper, admin, traffic controller, and business center/lead. One day I will graduate from college and hopefully quit. I am full time and go to school part time at Texas State. I met my boyfriend at work. He worked in the BC when I was the lead. Now he is in loss prevention at Austin #2. I have plenty to bitch about seeing that I have worked here so long. I can also provide assistance for some questions.
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