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new system

I don't know if it's just in our store or I think it's started in San Antonio, but this new system for csa's rocks. Well, I like it and now I just get to be all day inside sacking groceries. I rather do that anyday to baskets. Sure, I'll do baskets when they ask me to but since most of the guys love being outside then inside, I don't think I'll ever get the chance to be outside.

I'm not complaining since I hate texas heat. If none of your stores are trying it it's basically a system where you have walky talkies and there's 2 floaters and they're the ones that do everything. One will put baskets in the mini corrals and if they get filled, he'll call the other floater to come pick them up. And if the inside people need a price check or a carry out, they'll call one of the floaters from the outside and they'll do it. Not only floaters but ccm's have to go do price checks now while they're doing breaks and doing overwrites.

So if you're a floater, you do everything. Now if you're a sacker, you sack. You can't do price checks, get ice for anyone else but your lanes and carry outs. I find that more easier since if we had to do price checks like we did all the time, it'll waste the time of other customers that are waiting and we don't have to finish sacking. I like it, and I know most of our store likes it cept for some of the ccm's. >_> By the way, I hate it when they tell us to not drink a refreshment while we're sacking but they should be an example and not eat candies or drink refreshments in thier little table while thier working. >_>; That's just me. And by now, you all know I bitch a lot =).
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